By Betten D.

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This means all events (not just those that are measured on a territorialized and conscious level) affect learning in powerful yet sometimes irregular ways. 15 CHAPTER 1 higher than normal attrition rates. Boundary positions, narrative inquiry and a/r/tography are also described in order to try and understand why some artistteachers find it difficult adjusting to the teaching profession. While most research on artist-teacher retention has been done on visual and music artist-teachers, this study focuses on the lived experiences of four Canadian Conservatory style-trained actors who have pursued teaching.

Living inquiry refers to the ongoing living practice of being an artist, researcher and educator and to the embodied encounters that change ones artistic and textual engagements and understandings while living in this way. Like the actor who begins to learn his/her craft by paying particularly close attention to his/her surroundings, self and others; the a/r/tographer who engages in living inquiry chooses to develop self-consciousness and awareness by, for example, asking provocative questions, imagining what might be, rather than what is and engaging in projects that allow for risks and creative processes that are emergent rather than pre-determined.

I don’t know anything about filling out ethical protocol forms or writing up a research proposal … she does! I just thought I was going to perform the monologues … and now … I can’t believe this is happening! It’s terrible. It reminds me of that time in grade 2 when I had a “Get along gang” and no-one got along. Teacher: Don’t worry. We’ll figure it all out. A/r/tography: Absolutely, and we already have the next chapter completed so we can present that now and hopefully by the next interlude things will have … shifted a bit for everyone.

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2-dimensionale differenzierbare projektive Ebenen by Betten D.

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