By Alessandrini L., Bassanelli G.

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This helps prevent layer hardware handles lost cables, saves the cost many of these issues in of the extra connector, and the background. ICD2 40-MHz Port Oscillator 6-MHz prevents miswiring. OK, so what’s the best Resonator choice for communicating with a PC? Unfortunately, ADVANTAGES USB Bus CAN Bus FT245BM PIC18F258 TJA1050 the PC does not come stanYou’ll find CAN benefiUSB FIFO Chip Microcontroller CAN Transceiver dard with a CAN bus, and cial for several reasons. First, note that all packets some manufacturers are LEDs are filtered for their correct starting to phase out paralEEPROM node ID and others are lel and RS-232 ports (parignored.

Com The PIC18C452 has 32 KB of EEPROM and 1536 bytes of RAM, most of which I used for the firmware development. I selected a 20-MHz oscillator for the microprocessor clock, although I could have selected up to 40 MHz for speedier calculations. Note that the new flash memory-based PIC18F452 doesn’t require a UV eraser. This should help alleviate the UV erase cycles. It will also reduce the need to constantly remove the PIC from the hardware when using ICSP programming to burn the PIC. The chip’s low-cost in-circuit debugging capability allows for ICD2 debugging.

I arranged the digits in the color-coded groupings because I felt it was more intuitive than using digits of the same color. When the LCD is used, alphanumeric characters appear on the LCD and prompt you for input. Text messages customized in the firmware also can be sent to the LCD for output. PSYCHEDELIC DISPLAY In order to make this project visually interesting, I decided to use large, brightly colored LED digits. The LEDs shown in Photo 2 display well in a dimly lit room. Seeing the pi value in rainbow colors might take you back to the psychedelic 1960s.

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