By Deborah Hopkinson

ISBN-10: 0375867325

ISBN-13: 9780375867323

For years Dickens stored the tale of his personal formative years a mystery. but it's a tale worthy telling. For it is helping us have in mind how a lot all of us may possibly lose whilst a child's desires don't come precise . . . As a baby, Dickens was once pressured to continue to exist his personal and paintings lengthy hours in a rat-infested blacking manufacturing unit. Readers could be drawn into the winding streets of London, the place they're going to learn the way Dickens received the foundation for lots of of his characters. The 2 hundredth anniversary of Dickens's beginning is February 7, 2012, and this story of his little-known boyhood is the appropriate option to introduce youngsters to the nice writer. this is old fiction at its creative top.

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