By Adolf Erman

The amount right here translated seemed initially in 1904...The Egyptian faith appeals to a few as a result of its never-ending number of shape, and the various levels of superstition and trust that it represents; to others due to its early attractiveness of a excessive ethical precept, its problematic conceptions of a existence after loss of life, and its reference to the advance of Christianity; to others back without doubt since it explains beautiful issues expensive to the collector of antiquities, and ordinary gadgets in museums. F. LL. GRIFFITH. (1907 - translator)

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He took passcssion of the government of both lands, and the crowns rested tqon lzis hectcl. It was at this tribunal, of which the scene is always designated as the great hall of Heliopolis, that, as the Egyptian texts constantly affirm, Osiris was in some way accused by Set and other enemies-but Thoth, god of wisdom, had adopted his cause, and had made Osiris tme of voice; the gods declared that Set 'was defeated, and Osiris placed his foot on him. H e then asceuded into heaven and now reigns in the height, or-when we accept a subterranean kingdom of the dead-below in the depths, over the dead.

Most of these kings built a new sanctuary for him close to the royal city, a t which the most I follow here information communicated verbally by Professor Schafer. RELIGIOUS CUSTOMS OF THE EARLY PERIOD 43 important personages of the court officiated as high-priests. These temples, which bore names such as fnvozcrite dwelling of Re, were large open courts, a t the further end of which stood an immense obelisk on a substructure of pyramidal form ; this was the principal part of the temple, and was no doubt regarded as the dwelling of the god ; possibly it was a copy of the celebrated Benben stone a t Heliopolis, which was of similar form.

Eight primeval beings in the form of frogs and serpents took some part in this event, and a cow (which must be connected with the celestial cow) was also present; the young god seated himself on her back, and swam across the water. Abydos boasted a .. 2 Budge, Nesiamsu, p. 147 et seq. Mug. , Harris, 6 , 10; Brugsch, Oare, 26, 23; Todt. 85. 13. RELIGIOUS BELIEFS OF T H E EARLY PERIOD 27 birthplace of the sun) and ZThebes also prided herself later on possessing the magniJeent prinwal mound? 3 There is a variant of the Heliopolitan tradition which is also worthy of notice.

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