By Dennis P. Curtin

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ISBN-13: 9781928873846

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Three small bars under the scale indicate what the exposure will be for each of the three shots. The middle bar is at the exposure recommended by the camera (or shifted with exposure compensation—page 53) and the left and right bars indicate by how many stops the other images will be underexposed (-) and overexposed (+). 4. Press SET to confirm the settings and take each of the three photos just as you normally would. ● While AEB is in effect the three markers are displayed on the exposure level indicator in the viewfinder and on the monitor.

Knowing how to use these various modes gives you amazing creative control over your images. Because these are the most important controls in your creative arsenal, we’ll look at them in depth in the pages that follow. Changing Shooting Modes ● Turn the Mode Dial so the setting you want to use aligns with the small white marker. com Using Image Zone Modes Using Image Zone Modes The Mode Dial’s six point-and-shoot Image Zone modes work just like Full Auto, but each is set for a specific situation.

2. Turn the Main Dial to select a shutter speed as you watch the viewfinder or monitor. If the aperture value isn’t blinking, the exposure is OK. However; Shooting down from an upper level at the Guggenheim Museum, a very slow shutter speed froze the people who were standing, and blurred those who were walking. ● If the lens’ largest aperture (smallest f/number) blinks, the image may be underexposed and too dark so turn the Main Dial to select a slower shutter speed. ● If the lens’ smallest aperture value (largest f/number) blinks, the image may be overexposed and too light so turn the Main Dial to select a faster shutter speed.

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