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The esteeming of bad views is to hold as excellent that which is vile: now the pure dharmas are what are best, so one cannot have a false conception of excellence (agragraha), with regard to them. )? 17. 62 From the point of view of the object, the universal anusayas (v. 12) become anusayana, that is, "become lodged in" the five categories of their sphere; the other in one category: the anusayas that one abandons through the Seeing of Suffering become anusayana in the dharmas that one abandons through the Seeing of Suffering .

How many are not? 20a-b. 69 All lust (rdga), all anger (pratigha), and all mudi (that is, all delusion or moha)70 belonging to Kamadhatu—with the The Latent Defilements 799 exception of the delusion which is a belief in a self and the belief in the extremes—are, in this order, the three roots of evil, greed, anger, and ignorance. 71 The other anusayas are not roots of evil. *** How many dharmas are neutral roots? How many are not? 20c. 74 20d. The others are not roots, because their modality is of duality and elevation.

3. Past and present universal anusayas are universal causes. 4. Future coexistents of universal anusayas are neither universal anusayas nor universal causes. ##* 792 Chapter Five __ Among the ninety-eight anusayas, how many have a pure dharma for their object, that is, the Third and Fourth Truth, the Truth of Extinction and the Path? How many have an impure dharma} 14. 56 Except for the six,—that is, the three anusayas abandoned through the Seeing of Extinction, namely wrong views, doubt, and the ignorance associated with them or independent of them, and these same three anusayas abandoned through Seeing the Path,—all the other anusayas have impure dharmas for their object.

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Abhidharmakosabhasyam. Vol. III ( IV Volumen Set) by L. De LA Vallee Poussin

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Abhidharmakosabhasyam. Vol. III ( IV Volumen Set) by L. De LA Vallee Poussin PDF
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