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Aus dem Inhalt: Vorwort/Introduction von/by Manfred Bietak M. Bietak Farewell to Our nice and costly buddy Paul Astrom D.A. Aston and B. Bader with a contribution by means of K.G. Kunst, Fishes, Ringstands, Nudes and Hippos - A initial document at the Hyksos Palace Pit advanced L81 M. Bietak und I. Forstner-Muller, mit einem Beitrag von F. van Koppen und ok. Radner, Der Hyksospalast bei Yell el-Daca. Zweite und Dritte Grabungskampagne (Fruhling 2008 und Fruhling 2009) M. Dijkstra, a first-rate of the Bowmen, Overseer ofthe international Lands at Serabit el-Khadim (Sinai 300+297) P. Fuscaldo, The White Slip Wares from Dll el-Dabca, within the Palace District at cEzbet Helmi (Areas H/III and H/VI)

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L81/1 ZN 157/2006, Fig. 6 RF I-b-2 f W1 abg. ox 2–3 D. 2 cm. Bd. 3 cm. H. 5 cm. Md. 2 cm. Wd. 6 cm. 5YR7/6 reddish yellow; slip 10R5/4 weak red Break: uniform brown 51. 9004E. L81/1 FN 403 ZN 187/2006, Fig. 6 RFTG I-b-2 f W1 gef. ox 2–3 D. 5 cm. Bd. 5 cm. H. 4 cm. Md. 5 cm. Wd. 8 cm. 36 Restored from sherds, incomplete Surface colour: 5YR7/6 reddish yellow; slip 10R5/6 red Break: grey core, red and brown oxidation zones 52. K11000/758. L81/1 Fig. 6 RFTG I-b-2 f W1 gef. ox 2–3 D. 5 cm. Bd. 5 cm.

No. 34 In that example the neck and single strap handle rise from the top of the head, whilst the bird stands on its legs and tail, and its wings, back and chest are decorated with incised striations. Fragments of similar vessels are known from Lisht,35 Gebel Zeit,36 and from earlier excavations at Tell el-Dabca, (TD 1165, 4128G, 6034A/2, 6458A, 8475C, 8908V). The present piece, however, is the largest yet known and the most naturalistic in that clear attempts have been made to show the wing feathers, whilst the breast feathers are shown in the manner of scales.

For an example at Abydos – cf. WAGNER, 2007, 247, 279 fig. 128 no. 148, and a reference there to a forthcoming publication of a well preserved example. 42 David A. Aston and Bettina Bader with a contribution by Karl G. 5 cms across its narrower axis. The decoration is almost completely preserved with only a small portion of the rim missing. As with all other dishes, it was made by hand, the rim trimmed with a tool to form a sharp edge that falls towards the outside. The dish was made from a dense Marl C2 fabric in which only a few lime particles are visible.

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