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The formulation of (1.3), (1.4), (1.5),(1.6) are all wrong!

Can't think it, 4 formulation in first web page are all have blunders. possibly the writer fell so sleepy whilst he is penning this publication!

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The draw function in the object class is void even though for more complex examples it might have a number of operations. The RECTANGLE class inherits all the functions from the GRAPHICS_CONTEXT class and the OBJECT class. In the program, the rectangle class instantiates the discs, the base, and the pegs. 1 that the base and pegs are drawn in a different gray scale than the discs. 8 as defined in the constructor function for the rectangle. Notice that peg is declared as a RECTANGLE and has access to the set_gray function of the GRAPHICS_CONTEXT.

2. 4. 81×104342 n! 1 Justification of Using Order as a Complexity Measure One of the major motivations for using Order as a complexity measure is to get a handle on the inductive growth of an algorithm. 6. For these functions the asymptotic behavior is exhibited when n ≥ 1050. Although f1 ∈ Θ (en) it has a value of 1 for n < 1050. In a pragmatic sense it would be desirable to have a problem with time complexity f1 rather than f2. Typically, however, this phenomenon will not appear and generally one might assume that it is better to have an algorithm which is Θ (1) rather than Θ (en).

14. 14 Pipelining In the figure TSEQ is the time for the algorithm to execute sequentially. TPS is the time for each pipeline stage to execute. TPIPE is the time to flow through the pipe. The calculation of the time complexity sequence to process n inputs yields for a k-stage pipe. html (5 of 6) [6/22/2003 10:12:27 PM] Algorithms and Data Structures in C++:Algorithms In some applications it may not be possible to keep the pipeline full at all times. This can occur when there are dependencies on the output.

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