By Marshall. Clagett

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This quantity, the 1st of 3 volumes describing the key elements of historical Egyptian technological know-how, concentrates at the foundation and improvement of hieroglyphic writing, the scribal occupation, and quasi-learned associations in historical Egypt. Professor Clagett has paid specific cognizance to the so-called Palermo Stone, the earliest annals composed in Eygpt.

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There is none that knows me or shall know me; there is none who grasps me or shall grasp me. 3 Horus presiding over millions .... Spell 5417 /P ,l/ Spell for giving breath to N. in the god’s domain. /S,l/ 0 Atum, give me the refreshing breath that is in my nose. I am this egg that was in the Great Cackler. (I am) this great magical protection that came into being and separated Geb from the earth. If I live, it lives; if I grow old, it (grows old). If I breathe air, (it breathes air) .... Spell 5618 /S,l/ 0 Atum, mayest thou give me the refreshing breath that is in thy nose.

Who guides this Great God [in this cavern! is She Who Repulses the Serpent Hiu and Cuts Off the Head of the Serpent Neha-her .... [First register, over the gods\ Words spoken by this Great God: 0 August One, give me your hand that Horus may come out of your head (or loins) .... This Great God speaks to Osiris, He who is in the Enveloper-snake .... [whose name isl The Enveloper, Life of Forms .... {Second register, over the solar bark:1 This Great God travels in this city on the road of the Cavern of Osiris, along which he is towed by the magical utterances of Isis and the Elder Magician in order to avoid the serpent Neha-her.

290. Hornung, p. 308, gives the following names, ordered from the bow: Sia, Hu, Heka, Maat, Geb, Isis, Nephthys, and the three Gatekeepers. Piankoff, p. 224, has a similar order except that Thoth replaces Maat. 14. A. Piankoff, Le livre des quererts (Cairo, 1946). Published earlier in Bulletin de iln stitu t Francais -48 8- NOTES-INTRODUCTION-DOC. 4 dArcheologie Orientate, Vols. 41-45 (1942-47). The latter is the version I have used. Included is the text and a French translation. Piankoff also produced an English translation in his The Tomb o f Ramesses VI, pp.

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