By Robert Irvin Curtis

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This article discusses strategies in nutrition processing and upkeep from the palaeolithic interval via to the overdue Roman Empire. It considers the imperative function meals know-how performed within the political, financial, and social textile of old society.

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W E R AND MIDDLE PALEOLITHIC PERIODS other African sites, such as Beds II and IV at Olduvai Gorge in T a n z a n i a and Bodo in Ethiopia. Perhaps ancestral to modern humans, H. erectus was probably the first hominid to depend almost entirely on bipedalism. 3 mya, then to the Far East and, perhaps, subsequently to Europe. 2 8 T h e first important innovation in the prehistoric tool kit beyond the unspecializcd Oldowan industry was the so-called Acheulian industry (Fig. 3), composed of bifacial tools, such as cleavers, and, most characteristically, the handaxe.

5 0 5 8 ‫ ; ־‬Klein, " A n a t o m y , Behaviour, a n d M o d e r n H u m a n O r i g i n s , " p p . 176 78; i d e m . Human Career, p p . 1 8 3 - 2 2 3 ; Clive G a m b l e , Timewalkers. The Prehistory of Global Colonization ( C a m b r i d g e , M A : H a r v a r d University, 1994), p p . 5 3 - 6 4 . and H. 16 CHAPTER ONE Fig. 3. Acheulian Tools: Middle Acheulian: I. H a n d a x e from Swanscombe, England; 2 - 4 . Sidescraper, point, a n d end-scraper, respectively, f r o m Saint-Acheul, Amiens, France; 5.

Sapiens dating to well over 200,000 B. P. 0 mya. Found in association with the hominids were stone tools, such as hammer-stones, Hakes, and cores, but no handaxes or cleavers. This fact, plus the presence of certain morphological differences, set these hominids off from African or Asian H. erectus and from later II. sapiens neanderthalensis. T h e y seem, therefore, to be precursors to archaic H. sapiens found in G e r m a n y at M a u e r (H. heidelbergensis), although they may constitute a new species altogether (H.

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