By James Henry Breasted

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Round the flip of the final century, James Breasted took at the problem of assembling the entire on hand historic files of historical Egypt and translating them into English. This prodigious venture concerned touring to the monuments extant within the Nile valley and in outlying components of Egyptian conquest, in addition to to museums all through Europe the place Egyptian relics have been housed. Breasted made his personal copies of 1000s of Egyptian documents inscribed on papyrus or leather-based or carved in stone and engaged in an intensive research of the printed documents of Egyptian heritage along side his personal transcription of the files themselves. This five-volume compendium is the end result.

Breasted's huge paintings, initially released from 1906 to 1907, encompasses twenty-six dynasties spanning greater than 3 millennia: from ca. 3050 B.C. to 525 B.C. for every record, Breasted presents details at the situation, situation, old importance, and content material. starting with the earliest recognized authentic annals of Egypt, the Palermo Stone, Breasted catalogs the realm's reputable actions, together with royal succession, temple development, estate distribution, and international conquest. He tracks the careers of ratings of kings, queens, executive officers, army leaders, robust statesmen, and influential courtiers, reproducing their autobiographies, letters of style, paeans, mortuary presents, and tomb inscriptions. essentially annotated for the lay reader, the records supply copious proof of alternate family members, development actions, diplomatic envoys, overseas expeditions, and different facets of a full of life, hugely equipped and centrally managed society.

Breasted's statement is either carefully documented and available, suffused with a contagious fascination for the occasions, the personalities, the cultural practices, and the sophistication those files point out. A herculean assemblage of fundamental files, a lot of that have deteriorated to illegibility within the intervening century, historical files of Egypt illuminates either the great complexity of Egyptian society and the virtually insuperable problems of reconstructing a misplaced civilization.

This first paperback variation of historical files of Egypt encompasses a new advent and up-to-date bibliography by way of Peter A. Piccione. atmosphere Breasted's paintings within the context of the improvement of yankee Egyptology, Piccione discusses Breasted's institution of the Oriental Institute of the college of Chicago, with company aid via John D. Rockefeller and different benefactors, and surveys the bold physique of guides with which Breasted laid the basis for destiny Egyptian reports.

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SIAMON:Tanite king, IV 663; chronology of, I 70; IV 604-7. SIAMON-HRIHOR: see Hrihor. ): inscriptions of reign of, 111 639-5 I; chronology of, 1 67; viceroys of Kush in time of, I11 639, 643, 646; queen of, IV 400 n. c; reliefs of, I11 647, 648. -1khnere-Setepnere ( =Siptah) 111, (548, 650. -Merneptah-Siptah ( -Siptah), 111650. 31 -Rases-Siptah (=Siptah), I11 642, 643. SMENDES:see Nesubenebded. ): inscriptions of reign of, 1168-75; mentioned, I 176, 189, 731; chronology of, I 54 bis, 55, 56, 58, 86; placed in I11 Dynasty by Palermo stone, I 86; became god of the Sinai region, I 168, 722; commemorated by roads and statues in the Delta, I 168, 493; regarded as god, I 722; founder of mining, I 168; smiter of barbarians, I 169; dispatched a fleet to bring cedar from Lebanon I 89; gates of, I 148; his relief a t Wadi Maghara, I 169.

KEY, cattle-overseer, IV 224. KEY, father of Thuthotep, I 692 n. c. KHAMHET:inscription of, I1 819; titles of, 11 872; tomb of, I1 819, 870, reliefs of, I1 819, 870, 871, 872. KHAMMALE, IV 434. KHAMMALE, chief, IV 466. KHAMOPET, IV 433. KHAMOPET, Iv 532. KHAMPET,11 929, 930, 931. KHAMTIR, deputy of the army, IV 466. KHAMTIR,overseer, IV 466. KHAMWESE, prophet of Amon, IV 795. KHAMWESE, son of Ramses 11, I11 350, 362, 474,482, 552, 553, 554, 557,558. KHAMWESE, vizier, IV 511, 513, 522, 523, 5317 532, 5409 543, 585, 586.

INI,inscription of, I11 198. INI, steward, IV 546. INTEF, inscriptions of, I 466-68, 466 n. c. INTEF,nomarch: inscription of, I 420; biography of, 1419; ancestry of 1419 n. c; mortuary stela of, I 419-20; founder of the Theban line, I 419; son of, I 419; statue dedicated to, I 419; titles of, I 420; father of, I 419; also called "Intefo" (Intef the great), I 419 n. d. INTEF, palace-overseer, I 390. INTEF, ship-captain, I 365. INTEF, the Herald: inscription of, I1 763-71; titles of, I1 763; duties of the royal herald, I1 764, 767; character of, I1 768; tomb of, I1 763 n.

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