By Juliet Clutton-Brock

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Drawing at the newest examine in archaeozoology, archaeology, and molecular biology, Animals as Domesticates lines the historical past of the domestication of animals around the globe. From the llamas of South the USA and the turkeys of North the US, to the livestock of India and the Australian dingo, this attention-grabbing booklet explores the background of the complicated relationships among people and their family animals. With specialist perception into the organic and cultural tactics of domestication, Clutton-Brock indicates how the human intuition for nurturing can have reworked relationships among predator and prey, and he or she explains how animals became partners, cattle, and employees. The altering face of domestication is traced from the unfold of the earliest farm animals round the Neolithic previous global via old Egypt, the Greek and Roman empires, South East Asia, and as much as the trendy commercial age.

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However, the sequence would very rarely have been so smooth, for the social implications of ownership by a social group of hunter-gatherers are a bigger hurdle to domestication than they may seem. Many hunter-gatherer societies that could have domesticated animals never did so, and this was probably for cultural as much as for many other complicated reasons. 27 In 1992 Stephen Budiansky published a fresh look at the discussions on how domestication came about. He intended his thesis to be contentious and to be a wake-up call for all the archaeologists and biologists who for generations had claimed that domestication of the dog and livestock animals came about through taming of captured animals.

In the cold North, the horses are traditionally small, stocky, and heavy-headed, while the Arabian horse, with its fine head and long, slender legs, evolved in hot, arid regions. Domestication can be seen as an evolutionary process that mimics the sequence of events when a small group of wild animals becomes isolated from the main group, say on an island. The subsequent evolution of this tiny founder group will depend on its chance genetic composition. The principle of how this works is known as the founder effect, and it will cause the original and the new, isolated populations to evolve along different paths.

This was a hunting camp on the edge of a lake that was occupied periodically for a few centuries, more than 9,000 years ago, by groups of people who left everything they used and the remains of all the animals they killed to be preserved in the lakeshore mud. 20 It is presumed that the masks were either worn by the hunters as decoys in the chase of red deer or perhaps they were also worn in ritual dances. 21 More recently, in 1985, during excavation of the nearby waterlogged site of Seamer Carr, the neck vertebrae of a dog were retrieved, which match in size the skull of the subadult dog from Star Carr.

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