By Janet T. Spence

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Belief-desire reasoning among Baka children: evidence for a universal conception of mind. Child Dev. 62:460–67 Baldwin DA. 1991. Infants’ contribution to the achievement of joint reference. Child Dev. 62:875–90 Baldwin DA. 1993. Early referential understanding: Infants’ ability to recognize referential acts for what they are. Dev. Psychol. 29:832–43 Baldwin DA, Moses LJ. 1994. Early understanding of referential intent and attentional focus: evidence from language and emotion. See Lewis & Mitchell 1994, pp.

28:126–36 Annual Review of Psychology Volume 50, 1999 Annu. Rev. Psychol. 50:21-45. org by Ball State University on 01/08/09. For personal use only. CONTENTS On Knowing a Word, George A. Miller Cognitive Development: Children's Knowledge About the Mind, John H. Flavell Conflict in Marriage: Implications for Working with Couples, Frank D. Fincham, Steven R. H. Beach Psychopathology: Description and Classification, P. E. Nathan, J. W. Langenbucher Deductive Reasoning, P. N. Johnson-Laird Health Psychology: Mapping Biobehaviorial Contributions to Health and Illness, Andrew Baum, Donna M.

Psychol. 50:47-77. org by Ball State University on 01/08/09. For personal use only. MARITAL CONFLICT 49 Smith 1991). The link with depression is increasingly well established (see Beach et al 1998), and a link with eating disorders has been documented (see Van den Broucke et al 1997). g. g. O’Farrell et al 1991), and early onset drinking, episodic drinking, binge drinking, and out-of-home drinking (see Murphy & O’Farrell 1994).

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Annual Review of Psychology, vol 50 1999 by Janet T. Spence

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