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1C: The symbol may be used as a functional symbol representing the whole of the device, or as a symbol representing only the actuating element of the device. 2A: U may be replaced by V. 1A Lamp (IEC Publication 6173 (1983)[ 191) l l . l . l A . 3B: Letter symbols for units and for quantities shall be selected from one of the parts of IEC Publication 27 191, ANSI/IEEE Std 260-1978 151. and ANSI/ IEEE Std 280-1985 161. 1A: The asterisk is not part of the symbol. Always replace the asterisk by one of the following letter combinations, depending on the function of the meter or instrument, unless some other identification is provided in the circle and explained on the diagram.

1A: Leads may be connected in any convenient manner to ends of the h provided the identity of the h is retained. 2 Indirectly heated cathode Lead may be connected t o either extreme end of the nor, if required, t o both ends, in any convenient manner. 1 may. be used if no confusion will arise. 5 Emitting sole (arrow indicates direction of electron flow) Add. 2A: Letters in parentheses are not part of the symbol. 5A: Letters in parentheses are not part of the symbol, but are for explanation only.

12 Galvanometer The symbol or formula used should be related t o the information displayed by the instrument regardless of the means used to obtain the information. 14A:0 may be replaced by t o . 5A: Brushes are shown o n l y i f necessary. Add. 1 EXAMPLE: Electric motor with brake applied. 2 EXAMPLE: Electric motor with brake released. 16A: If desired. a more detailed drawing of the cam may be shown. This applies also to a profile plate. 2A Operating by pulling. 1A: Delayed action in the direction of movement from the arc towards its center.

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